No matter where you are, we can provide high-quality customized plaster moldings based on your needs and requirements. Our service process focuses on effective communication with you, ensuring that you receive perfect plaster molding products and a satisfying experience.

1. Requirement gathering and communication

Engage in detailed communication with you via email, online meetings, or phone to understand your requirements, preferences, and project details for the customized plaster moldings.

2. Drawings and design

Based on your needs and preferences, our design team will provide initial plaster molding design concepts and drawings for your review and confirmation.

3. Measurement and evaluation

Utilizing the measurements provided by you, we will accurately assess the dimensions and quantities of the plaster moldings while optimizing them according to your requirements.

4. Quotation and contract signing

We will provide a detailed quotation, including costs for plaster molding materials, production processes, and international shipping. Upon accepting the quotation, we will proceed to sign a formal contract.

5. Plaster molding production and processing

Our professional team will manufacture and process the customized plaster moldings based on the final design and measurement results, ensuring high quality and precision.

6. Shipping and delivery

We will collaborate with reliable logistics partners to securely transport the plaster moldings to your overseas address.

7. Installation guidance and support

We will provide detailed installation guides to assist you in correctly installing the plaster moldings. Additionally, our team will be available via email, phone, or video to provide any necessary support.

8. After-sales support

We prioritize customer satisfaction and regularly communicate with you to address any concerns or feedback. Your satisfaction and input are of utmost importance to us.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional overseas customized plaster molding services and creating a unique space that exceeds your dreams. Contact us now and let’s get started!

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