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Project Profile

  • Client

    IgniteSales Firm

  • Location

    Taiwan, China

  • Properties

    Commercial Buildings

  • Total area

    3,300 ㎡

The project was for a sales company’s interior space spanning across two floors, covering a total area of 3,300 square meters. The client provided custom design requirements, including the incorporation of GRG and regular gypsum moldings, with a total of 35 different unique designs.

Within a challenging timeframe of 28 days, our team efficiently manufactured all the necessary materials to meet the client’s specifications. Through effective coordination, we ensured timely transportation of the materials to the construction site, where the local construction team flawlessly executed the installation process. Our collaborative approach and careful attention to detail helped achieve a high level of craftsmanship, resulting in a finished product that fulfilled the client’s design vision.

The integration of GRG and gypsum moldings has added aesthetic appeal and enhanced the overall ambiance of the sales company’s interior space. The intricate designs and variety of moldings have created a visually appealing and cohesive environment. The successful execution of this project has met and even exceeded the client’s expectations, leaving them satisfied with the final outcome.

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