Royal Elegance Resort

Project Showcases—Royal Elegance Resort

Project Profile

  • Client

    Royal Elegance Resort

  • Location

    Pons, France

  • Properties

    Resort Hotels

  • Total area

    12,500 ㎡

Located in Pons, France, the Royal Elegance Resort is a haven for luxury, combining entertainment, dining, accommodation, and shopping. To elevate its ambiance to new heights, our factory undertook the challenge of manufacturing over 68 unique plaster molding profiles and GRG designs for this prestigious project. With skilled craftsmen and advanced facilities, we meticulously produced these exquisite elements to meet the project design team’s specifications.

Once our manufacturing process was complete, the finished products were securely packed and shipped via containerized sea freight to the resort’s destination. Local construction teams, well-versed in the art of installation, took over the project on-site, carefully incorporating our plaster moldings and GRG designs into the resort’s interior spaces. The results were breathtaking, as the diverse range of profiles transformed the atmosphere of the resort, exuding an aura of royal elegance and sophistication.

This successful completion of the plaster molding decoration project at the Royal Elegance Resort serves as a testament to our factory’s commitment to excellence and ability to overcome complex design challenges. Through close collaboration with the project design team and the expertise of local contractors, we delivered exceptional craftsmanship in delivering these intricately designed elements. Our legacy of transforming spaces into captivating havens continues as we consistently uphold our commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

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