Daniels's Villa

Project Showcases—Daniels's Villa

Project Profile

  • Client

    Daniels's Villa

  • Location

    Tucson, United State

  • Properties


  • Total area

    1,100 ㎡

The villa, with a total area of 1,100 square meters, featured multiple rooms, including living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, and a home theater. The client’s vision was to create a sophisticated and visually stunning interior environment by integrating GRG and regular gypsum moldings. A total of 25 different gypsum molding designs were used to add depth and character to the villa’s architecture.

Our team, equipped with extensive knowledge and skill in gypsum decorative engineering, efficiently manufactured the required materials to meet the client’s specifications. Taking into consideration the tight schedule, we employed advanced production techniques to ensure timely delivery without compromising on quality.

From the initial stage of design conceptualization to the final execution, we worked closely with the client, understanding their preferences and translating their vision into reality. Through detailed discussions and mood boards, we selected the most suitable gypsum moldings and GRG elements that would harmoniously blend with the villa’s existing architectural style.

Our skilled team meticulously customized and manufactured the gypsum moldings and GRG elements for the luxury villa renovation project. Once completed, we delivered the finished products to the client, who then collaborated with their local construction team for the installation process. The client’s team, working in close coordination with us, ensured that every piece was carefully positioned, seamlessly integrating the gypsum decorative elements with the existing architectural features. 

The completed villa renovation project exceeded the client’s expectations, leaving them awestruck by the transformation. The integration of gypsum moldings and GRG elements added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior spaces. Each room now boasts a unique and captivating ambiance that perfectly reflects the client’s desired aesthetic. The villa has truly become a luxurious haven, providing the client with a delightful living experience.

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