The Kingsman Hotel

Project Showcases—The Kingsman Hotel

Project Profile

  • Client

    The Kingsman Hotel

  • Location

    Onverwag, South Africa

  • Properties

    Resort Hotels

  • Total area

    4,000 ㎡

This project aims to provide custom-made gypsum decorative moldings and other materials for The Kingsman Hotel’s interior decoration. The project covers an area of 4000 square meters. Our company specializes in meeting the client’s requirements by providing customized gypsum plaster decorative products, including production, and transportation to the designated construction site. The estimated time for completing the entire project is around 60 days. We have collaborated closely with the local construction contractor hired by the client, working in synergy to successfully fulfill the project objectives.

Throughout the project execution, we actively engaged in communication with The Kingsman Hotel’s interior decor team, gaining a deep understanding of their design concepts and style preferences. Based on this, we tailored our gypsum plaster decorative moldings to meet their specific needs. With state-of-the-art production equipment and an experienced workforce, our company ensures the delivery of high-quality and exquisite gypsum plaster decorative products for The Kingsman Hotel.

To meet the project deadline, we established a detailed plan and workflow, and closely coordinated with the local construction contractor. We worked together to address any challenges and ensured smooth installation and quality control of the decorative products. Through the collaborative efforts of both parties, the project was completed successfully, receiving recognition and praise from The Kingsman Hotel. 

The success of this project not only showcases our company’s expertise in the field of gypsum plaster decoration but also demonstrates our ability to forge strong partnerships and foster teamwork with our clients. We will continue to uphold the principle of prioritizing quality, delivering premium gypsum plaster decorative products and services, and adding value and aesthetics to various interior decoration projects.

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